Automated Accessibility Tests by Jesús Rodríguez


Málaga, Spain


Jesús Rodríguez, a #Frontend expert, discussing #accessibility, #uxdesign, and #development at OpenSouthCode2023.

Jesús's LinkedIn profile and his web

The web is becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. Events like COVID brought a large number of people to the web for the first time. For instance, elderly individuals needing to shop online and not knowing how to use a website.

Accessibility remains a significant issue on the web. We're creating increasingly advanced designs, but we often overlook the basics.

In this talk, Jesús Rodríguez shows us various tools that we can use directly from the browser, such as Axe or Wave. We'll explore how they work, their strengths, and analyze common errors.

We'll also discuss how we can integrate these tools into our development to conduct these tests automatically.

This talk is intended as an introduction, providing you with new ideas to implement.

Link to the talk on the OpenSouthCode YouTube channel

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