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Metadev launches Daga


Seville, Spain

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Metadev S.L. is releasing a new product called Daga



DAGA is a library for building rich visual editors for models and DSLs. It allows users to set up, edit and visualize models in a graphical way.

It provides the following features:

  • Pallete of componets with semantic constrains.
  • Properties explorer.
  • Zoom in / out & panning.
  • Undo & Redo capabilites.
  • Diagram autolayout.
  • Desktop, mobile and table support with touch support.

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Bringing information online empowers users to explore, analyse and create from data. These kind of tools reduce the entry barrier to create no-code/low-code tools for the masses and advanced modeling tools for experts.


Metadev is a software engineering company with expertise in DSLs on the web and has built in-house technology to bring No-code and Low-code tools to the web.


  1. Daga Product Page
  2. Orca complete product built with Daga

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