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Metadev launches Orca


Seville, Spain

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Metadev S.L. is releasing a new product called Orca



Orca is a no-code environment (graphical editor) for container orchestration. It allows users to set up, edit and visualize container configurations in a graphical way.

Provides the following features:

  • Import & export of Docker-compose files.
  • Configuration validator (in beta).
  • AI Assistant to create a base from scratch in seconds.

During the beta period, the tool is available for free to encourage users to test it and provide feedback.

More details.


Orchestration of containers is pervasive nowadays. The tools for building it like kubernetes, docker-compose, etc. are oriented for experienced developers and involves editing many YAML files with limited help of the tooling.

At Metadev we are convinced that non-technical users (aka Citizen Developers) would benefit from simpler editing tools hiding accidental complexity and YAML syntax. No-code tools and graphical designers are a perfect playground for building it.


Metadev is a software engineering company with expertise in DSLs on the web and has built in-house technology to bring No-code and Low-code tools to the web.


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